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7days/6nights,north sulawesi birdwatching tour gjl 01

try your birding tour with guide jotje lala

sulawesi black macaques

tarcius spectrum

scaly king fisher

scaly king fisher

scaly king fisher

dove pigeon

sulawesi imperial pigeon

black pigeon

black pigeon

dove pigeon

black pigeon

guide jotje lala with couple from fance in tangkoko dove villas

lise lotte with friend in tangkoko

guide jotje lala with traveller in tangkoko dove villas
sulawesi birds

purple swamphen bird in tondano lake

poopo heron in the rice field kayawu

purple bearded bee eater

maroon fruit dove

7 days /6 nighs north sulawesi birdwatching tour code gjl o1
Price perperson in indonesia rupiah [IDR]rp 11 900 000 minimal 2 person.or rp2 X 11 900 000
Price per person  for 4 pax in indonesia rupiah [IDR] rp 8000 000 or 4  X 8 000 000
expect more than 150 species of birds to whatch and hear.
birdswatching spots are/habitat: tangkoko nature reserve,ambang mountain nature reserve,boganiwarta bone national park and minahasa highland.
Typical of transportation :minibus and outtrigger boat.
Typical of accomodation :hotel,guest house, and homestay /lodge
starting point :manado
ending : manado

serpent eagle
scaly kingfiher
Day o1 : Arrival in manado-Tangkoko nature
your arrival at samratulangi international airport in manado ,meeting service,then transfer to tangkoko natureve.Afternoon birding in the park,included watching tarsier spectrum[small carnivor monkey local people called tangkasi,and black tailess mongkey [macaca nigra] of sulawesi an so on.

Day o2 and 03:- Tangkoko nature reserve
Two days birding in tangkoko to explore and discovery target species such Rufous-backed thrush ,four endemic kingfishers,sulawesi scops owl,sulawesi cicada birds,sulawesi triller and sulawesi hawk eagle.balack naped oriole,red-bellied pitta,mynas,racquet-tails,purple ringed-roller,ochre-bellied,boobook and others.
night:guest house or near the park.[breakfast,lunch and diner are included]

Day 04:Tangkoko-kotamobagu/gunung ambang nature reserve
Still birding in the park,then journey continues driving to kotamobagu for seeng endemic species before afternoon  watching,purple beater bee eater, around ambang,cinnabar boobook;matinan fly cacher and scaly king fisher
night ranger hou's house or patra jasa hotel or other in kotamobagu city.[breakfast,lunch and diner are included

Day o5 kotamobagu-doloduo
ariving early morning and driving 1,5 hour Bogan nani iwartabone warta bone nationalpark .Tambun is anice and homeple for to see maleo irds and its nesting road,black nape oriole,cicada bird and red belled pitta. while molibagu road side and tororaut forest are productive place spekled BooBook,Racket-tails and Maroon-chinned fruits dove

Day  06 :Doloduo_Tomohon
Still birding in the park for chance to see Maleo[if is still missed on Day 5 trip ].Then trip continues driving to minahasa highlang watching purple swampen bird in tondano lake, and to mahawu volcano on forest for good view of crimson-crowned,flower pecker,sulawesi myzommela and Diaabolcal nitar,sombre pigeon
night onongs'palace resort breakfast,lunch and diner are included.

Day 07: Tomohon _airport
before breakfast still have opportunity for watthing birds on the rice field such as poopo herons and scalyking fishers in taratara and kayawu and afterrerurn to resort to have breakfast before to airport.
all prices included transportation,accomodation,english speaking guide,admission fee.

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yes sulawesi infornation

yes sulawesi information.
Sulwesi is thelargest and most central island of wallacea,unique region of the world where plant and animal life from southeast Asia and Australia come to together.Both the geographyc region and the"wallace line"[reffering to the separation of evolutionary history that takes placa east of aline drawn between Bali and Lombok and between Borneo and sulawesi,along with visible changes in wildlife species,are named after the famous english natulist,Alfred Russel Wallace,who traveled to sulawesi in the late 1850s.
Wallace was the first to write about the unsual characteristics Of the region`wildlife in his origional insighful book the malay Archiplago.The island`physical beauty,with its forest mountains and stunning coral refs,is surpassed only by its intriguing biography.The area is outstanding example of relatioships bedween tectonic procesces and evolution.The land ares have distinct endemic species across the evolutionary boundary and some of these changes in the evolutionary biology are similarly in the area`sendemic marine popupulation

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save indonesia flora and fauna

Save indonesia flora and fauna.
presented by guide jotje lala as member of indonesia tourist guide association as member of world federation tourist guide association north sulawesi board.

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welcome to lovely and wonderfull sulawesi forest

welcome to lovely and wonderfull forest sulawesi indonesia.
hi i am horn bill ,king fisher,pigeon,parrots,eagle,purple beeded bee eater and black nape oriole,maleo,doves,welcome nice to meet you and i am tarcius black maca  welcome.
guide jotje lala.
i am owl or boobook,wecome  to sulawesi we say you welcome to sulawesi. and let us introduce you this is guide jotje lala. yes he knows our place.
contact him befor you come to us.
mobile :+6281340310671

red  billed pita bird of sulawesi

sulawesi doves birds

sulawesi thrust bird

sulawesi birding tour guide jotje lala

guide jotje lala guided a group birding from germany in dumogabone nationalpark

sulawesi birding tour guide jotje lala.
dear travellers i have been as tour guide since 1986 here in north sulawesi indonesia.yes as you know me i am general guide and specialist guide for volcanoes here in north sulawesi http://volcanoguidejotjelala.blogspot.com and special guide of thebest of minahasa higland. I am realy birdwatching guide but i  ihave litle bit skill about  birdwatching in general and i know the place for birding and i know the new place where may be you never know alots of birds and black macaca nigresien in other side of dumoga bone nationalpark i f you want  want  i  show to you .
so sulawesi is one of the planet where you can see lovely and wonderfull birding lover travel
thank for visit my web and see you.
contact me :guidejotjelala@gmail.com
sulawesi birds
king fishers birds of sulawesi
call me :+6281340310671