Saturday, October 13, 2012

yes sulawesi infornation

yes sulawesi information.
Sulwesi is thelargest and most central island of wallacea,unique region of the world where plant and animal life from southeast Asia and Australia come to together.Both the geographyc region and the"wallace line"[reffering to the separation of evolutionary history that takes placa east of aline drawn between Bali and Lombok and between Borneo and sulawesi,along with visible changes in wildlife species,are named after the famous english natulist,Alfred Russel Wallace,who traveled to sulawesi in the late 1850s.
Wallace was the first to write about the unsual characteristics Of the region`wildlife in his origional insighful book the malay Archiplago.The island`physical beauty,with its forest mountains and stunning coral refs,is surpassed only by its intriguing biography.The area is outstanding example of relatioships bedween tectonic procesces and evolution.The land ares have distinct endemic species across the evolutionary boundary and some of these changes in the evolutionary biology are similarly in the area`sendemic marine popupulation

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