Sunday, October 7, 2012

sulawesi birdwatching spots to explore

sulawesi bird watchingspots to explore sulawesi birds in the forest and jungle of lovely sulawesi island.
birds watching spots of sulawesi.
1 tangkoko nature reserve
2 mahawu volcano and lokon,linow lake in tomohon and tondado lake for egle and hern birds.
3 dumoga bone national park,tambun for maleo and toraut for hornbill birds and black macaca nigresien.
5 ambang nature reserve for owl,pigeon ,purple beaded bee eater and tarcius to explore.

in boloang mongodow not in dumoga national park in tambun and toraut but you can also explore other side of dumoga bone the road from matali baru to torosik .very eazy to see macaca and alots of sulawesi birds in this place. guide jotje lala knows that place.

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